Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The $$$ Shots!!!!!

Its all about the Money Shots.... !!!

Money Shot- a word invented by the man IKE Onyewuenyi.

Definition of a money shot>>> self explanatory!

Okay getting to the point! So we decided to seize the nice sun that came this weekend to have a photo shoot. It was a nice day in the mid winter and I think we all did a good job.

This time Ike was in charge of bringing the money shots. He claimed it was all the models' faults but we must say the guy still got the eye.

Alisha Croom came through again as our make up artist and beautified the lovely ladies for the shoot.

The two day shoot began on Saturday. We tried to make the most out of the sun so we shot outdoors.

We went to U Street in Washington, DC, whose character is absolutely vibrant. The shoot was fun. I must say we were probably crazies because people kept on looking at us as we were posing for the cameras.

Sunday was more indoors cauz it was a colder day and I have to say we did pretty well. Sunday's shoot was improvised at ol' HU campus. Always comes through doesn't it!

Aaahh! Well hope you like the pics and I guess see you if you are coming to Penn State's Touch of Africa Show next week....We'll be there!

Shout out to Busola, Abel, Nikki, Nini, MaxiMax, Alisha and Ike. Y'all were Grrreat!!


Maryanne and Da Gurl Nini

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