Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The GQ Party Part II....

o end the year 2007, Côté Minou joined forces with renowned party promoters BCBG Productions (Bon Genre-Bon Chic) on Dec 29th 2007, to present our newest line at their 2nd year Anniversary which they called the GQ PARTY II.

This event a follow up to the previous years success, was exhilerting. The party as always was the bomb...BiG UPs to DJ Yveco and partner Stephane. The place was full and many of our friends and family came to support..We had fun mein!!!

The party began at BLU Lounge in Bethesda, MD at about 8pm with the 2-hour cocktail event. Both ourselves and the models enjoyed the pre-party as the DJ played some favorite old school joints. Many of BGBC Productions' important friends and personell were also there for the pre celebration.

The party begun and some were already almost drunk...(I mean excited)....We danced and danced and danced.....and danced with friends and so forth.

At around 11:45pm we headed backstage with our models some whose fashion make up were already finished thanks to the Ivorian reppin' make-up artist Ms. Vanessa Gnoan. Everyone got dressed in their first outfits and were eager to walk.

Impatient as the music was still playing for the "party people", we stayed backstage dancing as we waited for the show to start. .....Ummmmm "Go Nini" chanted all as she dropped down lown and swept the floor to Beyonce's hit...You know I did the Naomi Campbell walk....or tried to.

Well dancing time was up for us cauz the show was about to start. We got the heads up from the DJ who later formally introduced us and it was strudd time!!

We had over 30 clothes featured in this show........that originally got Nini excited! The girls all came out about three times in three different yet continuous scenes categorized as Day, Night time and Ballroom. Many of our friends were impressed and we were very pleased with the models' performances.

After the show we were recognized, took pics with the models in their outfits and cleaned up then went right back to Couper Decaler.....

The Anniversary party was beyond imagination a wonderful success. Thanks to all who came to support BCBG Productions and our feature.

To close this one we would like to say we were happy we did this and as the theme for BCBG Productions goes....MUSIC is FASHION-FASHION is MUSIC. This proved to show as the French would say "Un bon marriage".... (a good union).

Special Thanks to Raoul who helped cordinate the male models.
Also Special thanks to Abel, Doyin, Eliane, Babila, Fausta, Anita and Nadege.

and all our our models....Ashley, Valmy, Maxi, Mable, Comfort, Alicia, Lily, Tamara, and Ihuoma. Also again Raoul, Ibrahim, Insa (Dream Team) and Lance....OK! I'm done!!!!

Check out BCBG Productions website at for info on their upcoming parties and events.
Oooooohhhh............Get your orders in ;-)


Maryanne and Da gurl Nini.


  1. BRAVO! j' adore ce que vous faites.
    Vos creations sont vraiment belles ! Est ce que vous les vender ?

  2. ouaie, on est a facebook!


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