Thursday, February 21, 2008

Totally Awesome......

Very excited to forecast this event.....Penn State Show on February 16th 2008.

After months of preparation with Abdul and Jennifer, we are glad to say the it was all so worth it.

The trip was from DC to PA was long but unforgetable. We spent numerous hours wondering where the heck we were going and if we were lost...I mean -admiring the landscapes and vast geographic features:-))

We landed the Penn Stater, the location of the wonderful event late the day before and began pre-show preperations. The models were all excited to see us and so were we to be part of their event.

Prep was fast and effective and everyone couldn't wait to get their hair and make up done and show their audience what Penn State ASA was all about.
We also got a chance to meet the Bana Ba Africa dancers before hand and once we saw their dances we knew the show was going to be the horrest thing that hit the east coast.

The next day was refreshing. prep for the show was on point, make up, accessories and we were ready to go.

The Touch of Africa event whose theme was Experiencing Africa's Virtue: The promise of tomorrow, the appreciation of Today was totally Awesome!!

The show began with opening remarks, dinner , poetry and a mind twisting acrobatic display. The event also featured as always musical performances from Kulu Mele, Young Tone, and the Afro Kings.

As I said before the Bana Ba Africa Dance Team killed the show with three seperate performances. My favorites so far.

Apart from our fashion scenes the show also featured a hair show, skit and award presentation. The show was well put and I am sure the 700+ attendees were definetly not disappointed.

The show all came to a finale with a special performance by Soukous Stars together with Mambo and the Protectors of the rainforest.
We had fun...sad tis over now but we'll move on right??

Shout out to Abel, Babs, Busola, Dayo, Yvon, Carine , Maxi, Stephane, Joelle, Marie, Tomi, Ajab, Paula de la Côte d'Ivoire and all the models....

signing out but will be back soon;-)


Maryanne and DA gurl Nini

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