Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Blast at G.W!!

......So Ms. Fumi from George Washington University called us and informed us of their cultural event entitled "Taste of Africa" hosted by their Organization of African Students.

The show was to be on Friday November 9th 2007 at the Marvin Center Grand Ballroom.

It was a wonderful event which raised awareness on the stereotypes people have on or about the African continent. It was enriched with, a series of short skits, fashion, African jewelry expo, comedy, quizes, dance performances and what we call in Cameroon "Item 11" (Food :-)).....Don't Ask!

Lessons some people learned:

-Africa is not a country
-People from Africa come in different complexions (skin tones)
-Wild animals in Africa are seen only in reserves, wild parks or zoos.
-Africans do not all speak the same languages
-Africans know how to have to good time
.....LOL (That is (cough-cough)...a personal analysis!)

I have to say this was another memorable night. We laughed and laughed and laughed.
HI 5s to the models and OAS Team. You guys were awesome.

We got again a lot of good feedback from this show and we were also featured in G.W school's newspaper__ the HATCHET. Here with the link from the 11/12/07 issue.

Enjoy your Day ;-)


Maryanne & Da gurl Nini

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