Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And There Was The Photoshoot...

So we decided to work with a friend Jonathan Harden and some HU model friends of ours on a little photoshoot this past sunday......Well the shoot was preety GREAT I must say. Good job guys!!
Special thanks to our make up artist
Alisha Croom, and Johnathan the photographer.


Shout out to Jamila, Bianca, Comfort and Titi. You guys were great.
It was cold and rainy but no one could tell.....(Well now you do..haha :-))

Watch out for us our upcoming event at Blu Lounge for the BCBG Productions (Party Promoters) on Dec 29th 2007 as Cote Minou tries to close the year with more noise.

All thanks to God ...without Him nothing is Possible.
Here with pics of the photo shoot crew.




Study Smart!! Stay Focused. and for all those not in school...I think we envy you-but that's okay ;-)


Maryanne and Da gurl Nini

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