Monday, October 29, 2007

R.A.R.E .....Howard Homecoming Show

Our latest show was the Howard University's Homecoming 07 Fashion Show.

We were contacted by the H.U. Fashion Show coordinator Ms. Yasmine over the summer and were excited to participate in the event. Homecoming Fashion shows which occur at Howard University's Cramton auditorium has graced the presences of notable clothing lines such as the Sean John, Rocawear, Baby Phat and Phat Farm. This year's Homecoming theme was called "R.A.R.E" as in Rekindle an Amazing Remarkable Experience. Their goal was to create a homecoming experience which would be memorable;

and so they did.....

This year's Fashion theme was entitled "Art of War". It featured scenes such as street war, glam war, and ours "tribal warfare" which we thought to be an interesting title. We worked with the commitee to extend a political statement on the effects the on the War on the African continent and the paralyses in infringes on its people. Trying to make some fashion out of that our scene was choreographed to resemble a civilian uproar that would occur after a coup d'etat. The models strud our wares looking like warriors "standing for their rights to be free to live life".

It was superb!!

The show was published on the Howard University's Hilltop Magazine. Here with an excerpt on our the Côté Minou scene from the 10/19/07 issue.

"In the scene "Tribal Warfare," guests watched models adorned in African-inspired
patterned clothing with a modern and stylish twist as cultural music was played."

Our scene was accompanied with music from the renowned Mali song artist Salif Kieta.
We were also highly excited to debut our dear friend Ms. Moyin Ayanbiola's accessories from her upcoming boutique called "Finishing Touches". The duo of our clothing and her accessories was dynamic.

Homecoming was great!! The show also included a performances by the wonderful Janelle Monae. The show also featured the works of Bravo's Project Runway finalist contestant Mychael Knight, HU's Cranberry and of course Sean John and Rocawear.

Special thanks to Ms. Raquel and Dayo for being there when we needed help.
Here with the video from YOUTUBE


Maryanne & Da gurl Nini


  1. Great write-up ladies! Happy you all were pleased with the turn out:) That's what matters most to me.

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