Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Work work work don't be tired.....

Hey guys and gals......

As always we have been busy .....however we are proud to say we have good news.

We recently had an article on the Howard University Hilltop Magazine Sept. 23rd issue on Africhic designs with a traditional twist. Just a little gist as to what our line is all about. This article is not available via online. Thanks to Ike who wrote and helped publish the article.

So what is Côté Minou all about??? You may ask.

We are about making the african cloth an element you can wear all the time as opposed to just on special occasions. Our designs are unique as they put a twist to the traditional way one may observe and experience African material. We enjoy, pattern, rythmn and texture.

So many people often ask what does the name itself-
Côté Minou we go!!!

Well it is derived from two french terms. Côté is french for corner and Minou is a combination of both myself and Stephanie's nickname. Coucou (mine) and Nini (hers). With M being the first letter in both our last names, Minou is coincidentally also a cute pet name you would give a kitten.

Okay so there you have it. The long and short story of the formulation of our name.....;-)

Côté Minou
will be featuring designs at the following shows:

Howard University Homecoming Fashion Show October 18th 2007

George Washington University Nov 9th 2007

Towson University African Explosion IV - Dec 1st 2007

Penn State University February 15th 2008

Also check us out in the future God willing on the BHF Magazine (made in Nigeria)

and check us out at the entertainment section of the new African TV Show hosted by our friend and top model Ms. Malaika from Cameroon coming soon.

Here are some pics from the cminou mini shoot.~~


Maryanne and Da Gurl Nini


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  2. Please email The campus magazine, The Grind is interested in featuring student designers however, you did not provide any form of contact on your blog. We are already in production so your prompt reply is requested.



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