Saturday, September 8, 2007

Summer is at its end

So school is back.......

school assignments, projects and college life mania......but we all can handled it right??

Aaaaaahhhh the break went by so quick! Agree???

Neways, we have been busy selling clothes, and taking new orders. We recently finished our involvement in the Cameroon Convention August 17th 07' which was great hosted by the Cameroon Students Association in the U.S. (CAMSA).

The Fashion Show which was part of the entertainment night was a nice show. We are proud to see CAMSA at work.

The show featured number of activities such as comedic and music performances, speeches (like always) and of course dances !

Highlights from this show featured Euphrasie designs and musical group KUMANI (a hip/rnb group all da way from CAMER)

.....Here with a few youtube links of their performances.

We are as always working new designs for projects which we will disclose to you at the convenient time.

Leave comments or contact us via email if interested in any of our clothes at our inbox.
Pictures in this post are of a mini shoot da gurl Nini and I did!

Shout out to Nadege, Ashley, Bih, Tina, Valmy, Dayo, Bola and Moyin! and all our supporters :-)

as always,


Maryanne and da gurl Nini

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