Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Thanksgiving!!!

This Thanksgiving was nice.... We spend time with friends and family....We were thankful for many things...our life and all the little and grand blessings God has given us, Especially OBAMA!!

The Thanksgiving Meal was Awesome with Capital A. I believe, we are still full from Thursday...
The b-day cake was yummy too.. The Birthday Bash and Mokobe Concert, we have got say was very very nice...LOL.
Mokobe's performances was great and we had fun with our close friends and all those who came to BLu Lounge...

As promised here the link to the exclusive interview by Jamati Magazine with the France/Mali star- MOKOBE...

links: http://www.jamati.com/online/music/mokobe-an-artist-with-a-heart-to-make-a-difference/?link=feature
Also here with BlackHerald Magazine Video of concert pics.. http://vimeo.com/2529043
MOKOBE Interview LIVE: http://vimeo.com/2642108
A pic and video from the event.

Stay Blessed and hope everyone is getting ready welcome the son of God in our hearts this Christmas....
Shout out to Carine, Nadege, Aggie, Babila, Valmy, Sidonie, Ashley, Eleanor, Raoul, Derek, Anrette, Gladys, Stephane, Alice, and all who came through.... not forgetting Centrique Ent., Jamati Magazine and Blackherald.com... Stay posted for upcoming events in this December and next year...

Maryanne & Da Gurl Nini

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  1. could you post pictures of some of your styles, it's very hard to see it on the blog.

    Thank you.


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