Wednesday, June 11, 2008


DMV's Own Dream Team



Stephane Afeni- Repping La Côte D'Ivoire

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  1. I've been quite worked up about Paparazzi, so I thought I'd share this...I'm so proud of u two! :)

    Côté Minou

    Maryanne M and Stephanie M
    Its gentle, humble parents
    Doing it like they aren’t
    Oh…like they got no talents
    Alas! We all know better
    You see them, you know them
    Their work meets the eye
    As nothing short of a masterpiece

    The oh-so-loved Côté Minou
    Truly a unique rep of Mother Africa
    Good for work, play and what have you
    For the ladies and sure, the gents too
    CM is versatility itself re-defined
    See the models doing what they do
    Strutting the runway, showing their talent
    Applaudable effort, to appeal to YOU

    CM, brainchild of humblest fashion gurus
    No, not your ordinary clothing line
    To Stephanie and Maryanne I say
    Don’t stop, girlfriends, reach for the sky
    To YOU, the customer, I say
    It’s all about YOU
    Côté Minou, doing it like no other
    Yes, CM’s doing it all for YOU!

    Yours truly,
    Fausta Tabe


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